The first pub brewery in Greece

Brewing beer in a pub like in Germany, England, Ireland and many other countries is a novelty in Greece and has only been legally possible for a few years. So there is food coming with the beer. In summer you get pizza, tarte flambée and homemade surprises. In winter we let our creativity run free and surprise gourmets and rock fans. Our beer is of course on tap!

The beers*

Weissbier and Helles

0,3 l 3,50 €
0,5 l 5,00 €
1 l/Mass 9,00 €


0,3 l 4,00 €

*Offer and prices may vary

Beergarden and Restaurant

Opening times from October

Friday, Saturday 6 till 12 pm
Sunday 1 till 5 pm

In summer we have different opening hours.

Food and drinks*


Margherita, Graviera, Parma etc.
Small pizza for children
from 7,00 €
4,00 €

Tarte flambée

with onions and cream cheese 5,50 €
with bacon, onions and cream cheese 6,50 €


There is also great wine and various soft drinks.

* Offer and prices may vary