Especially nice was our Oktoberfest. The atmosphere was great and Paul’s festival beer was flowing. It was so good that he will now brew it all year round under the name “Paul’s Bavarian Red”. Surprisingly, we bought a big barbecue. Later, delicious pork knuckles and crispy chicken sizzled on it. There was even a surprise dirndl. Tina had sewn it out of leftover fabric. Cannstatter Wasen experienced friends from Stuttgart danced for hours on the beer benches and provided suitable music and atmosphere. Definitely an interesting experience for the international Oktoberfest laymen among our guests.

Matina, our great waitress, is into “dark” and wanted a Halloween party. Good idea, but for us Germans rather not a must. She dressed us up and decorated everything. The two brew kettles turned into waking ghosts. Huuuuuuhhhhh. Every guest got spicy pumpkin soup from our witch pot with great theatre. DJ Paul was in his element. At last, without any grumbling, music from relevant Carpenter films.

Our summer neighbour Michael celebrated his 70th birthday with 40 friends in October. He and his guests had a great time and it tasted good, too. There was wild dancing. The atmosphere was great… until the police came. We were very loud. A not so nice neighbour had called them. Stupid.

We like guests

The winter season on Lefkada is very different from the warm holiday season. It is quiet and tranquil. Often wet, mostly cool, warm in the sun and sometimes really cold. We Lefkader are almost among ourselves. That alone is quite a challenge for a gastronomic enterprise on a holiday island. Even a bigger one under pandemic conditions. Our uncertainty about whether enough guests will come grows. It’s not really fun when you have to check vaccination cards and unvaccinated regulars stop coming. We continue and are happy about every single guest who makes it to Lazarata.

Maybe you would like to celebrate a private party with us. Talk to us! Pizza and tarte flambée can also be taken away. Just give us a call!