End. Over.
What started bumpy ends that way. It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close TheBrewery forever and sell everything. So if anyone happens to want to buy a brewery, here you go.
Why? Nothing earned, too old for the hard catering business, the regulations, the costs, the relationship, the long winter, the location … Beer and food were good, it wasn’t because of that, we are sure. We sincerely thank all our staff, suppliers, craftsmen, the engineer, tax consultants, landlords and above all our guests. We will stay on the island … see you again!


c/o Lefkada Brewing Company I.K.E.
VAT Registration Number: EL 800955193
Marion Götz and Jürgen Köhrer
31080 Lazarata/Lefkada Greece

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Phone +30 2645 061186
Mobile +30 697 1860550
German Mobile +49 1773172451