Pleasant pastimes
The sun was shining frequently now in January. The air is sometimes pleasant 20 degrees. The sea is fresh at maybe 16 degrees. Paul still likes to swim. We can still divide our time freely. That will change soon.

In our almost one-year waiting period there were some disappointments. Two locations that we found very good did not work. The owner simply rented a very attractive beer garden on the outskirts of Lefkas town, which was actually promised to us, without information to others. A former tavern in Karya, for which we and our dear neighbors, as language assistants, had invested a lot of time, turned out to be impossible to rent because the heirs could not agree.

So we had a lot of time for other things. Paul set up the caravan site in June and July so that when we rent our house in summer we have a new wonderful place to live. All in nature. Surrounded by dear neighbors who made it possible for us. A very pleasant waiting time when you have the beach and the sea on your doorstep.

Now it’s getting serious
Today on January 20th we paid the deposit for “The Brewery” and signed a preliminary contract. Paul could hardly wait to push the rather heavy brewing kettles to his new home on his new “dog”. Lefteri, on whose property the container with our brewery is located, is always extremely helpful and has transported the kettles with crane and truck 200 m to the location.