Yeah, the Key

Now we have it. The lease for the former tavern has not yet been signed, but it is as good as. The two owners Dimitris and Spyros live in Montreal, are very cooperative, but it takes time. They look forward to tenants who reliably pay the rent. Hopefully we can do that.

Name, Logo, First Steps

I had already thought of “The Brewery” in Stuttgart. We think it fits the location. English is spoken here anyway. The Greek word for this is ζυθοποιεία, meaning “zythopiía” with TH and double-i, inexpressible and unknown to many Greeks. How to make beer is much less known here than in for example Germany. After all, there are now almost 50 small breweries in Hellas. The big ones like Mythos, Fix and Alpha are all part of international groups. As far as we know, we will be the first local brewery in all of Greece – and, unlike in Germany, several licenses are needed to operate it

Let there be Beer

Paul can finally free his brewery from the container. He will take her to her destination little by little now. It will be used in the restaurant behind a glass wall (separation is a requirement). A double floor with drain has to be built, pipes have to be adapted, ventilation has to be planned. Paul is a model maker and hobby brewer. He is extremely skilled in his craft and technically so curious that he is at home in a large number of trades. He calculated that if we wanted to make the slightest profit, the location had to be cheap (it is) and most of the work had to be done by ourselves. 24% VAT and 15% alcohol tax are one word. The calculated beer price is high.