What do you want to eat and drink?

Summer is here. We are open again on five days. Our mood is much better than in winter. We see dear guests again, old friends visit us in the brewery. Our beers, the pizzas, tarte flambée, Paul’s homemade sausages are enjoyed by our Greek, German, English, French, Italian, Belgian, Swiss, Austrian, Czech, Mexican, Bulgarian, Dutch guests. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some nations.
Paul and I often discuss which types of beer he should brew and which dishes are best to put on the menu. The best thing is to ask our guests … so:

  • What should Paul brew?
  • What would you like to eat with us?

Answer in the comments or by email

Goodbye winter

Second Season
We will soon be starting the season again with a full programme. The winter was long and only a few Lefkader and residents felt like going out. We were happy to see that more and more regulars came to Lazarata. People came for Paul’s beer, of course, but also specifically for Wiener schnitzel and juicy beef steaks. Paul’s sausages with sauerkraut are a big hit anyway. We would never have dreamed that there would be lovers of such traditional German dishes in Greece. I get a lot of praise for my pizzas and tarte flambée. The French speciality is only available here.
One time-consuming issue is the Greek authorities. Fortunately, we have a fantastic partner in our engineer Giorgos Thiakos. Without him, TheBrewery would not exist. He has paved most of the way for us. 1000 thanks for that, Giorgo!

Why do we taste so good?
What sounds rather arrogant is actually quite simple. The beer is good because Paul brews with excellent malt from Bavaria, the yeast comes from Weihenstephan, the hops from Tettnang and Hallertau. The water is Greek. We are lucky and get water from the nearby Korpi, which is even said to have healing powers. Despite its relatively high hardness, it makes good wheat beer, pale beer and red beer. IPA will be added this summer. Unfortunately, it’s too hard for Pilsner.
It’s not just the beer that’s home-made here. Uncle Jimmy’s bratwurst, our hams, smoked meats etc. we make ourselves. We store beef so that it is tender and juicy for you. We use fresh ingredients wherever possible. Of course, we make the pizza and tarte flambée dough ourselves. Our mozarella is real mozzarella. Dimitra produces our goat feta in Kavalos. The olive oil now comes from the hardworking nuns of Cape Lefkada.

Where does the tarte flambée come from?
In the French Alsace, tarte flambée is usually eaten in special, simple restaurants. There it is baked in a wood-fired oven until crispy. You are served one after the other until you wave goodbye. You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flammekueche.
Just try it. It goes perfectly with beer and wine.

Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones at TheBrewery
Paul is a passionate rock fan and regularly invites people to Classic Rock evenings. Then it gets loud in the brewery. With beer and wine, you can watch famous bands on stage on his big video screen with great sound. You can find the dates on Facebook and on request. Shine on!

Before and after the sailing trip to Lazarata for a drink
If you want to come as a group, we’ll be happy to organise large-capacity taxis to pick you up directly at the boat and bring you back again. It’s best to call or email booking@thebrewery.gr well in advance.

Celebrate in TheBrewery
In the afternoon we cook exclusively for you. For groups of 25 or more, you can have your own party in the evening. For this, too, it’s best to call in good time or send an e-mail to booking@thebrewery.gr.

Let the summer come
From the end of May we will be open again from Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm to midnight. Monday and Tuesday are usually brew days.
Please check here on our homepage for opening hours. Feel free to recommend us to others! See you soon at TheBrewery!